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Our Favorite Keyboard Of 2018

10 February,2018

Computer peripherals are a massively under looked and under appreciated part of having a computer you spend any time with. They completely change everything about the way you interact with your computer and how it feels everyday in your hands. The right keyboard can allow you to type for much longer, and much faster. The right mouse can eliminate fatigue, and bring your clicking accuracy up by a lot, just ask any professional gamer about that one. Today we'll be talking about our favorite keyboard, the Corsair K70. If you find yourself needing an incredibly comfortable, and aggressively good looking keyboard for either the office, home or for gaming use, read on!

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There are two versions of this keyboard, the "RGB" type, and red backlit type. There are no differences between the two, except the RGB type has the ability to change the colors of each key individually to literally any color in the red/green/blue spectrum. The RGB version comes with a bunch of presets to make the keyboard do all kinds of awesome light patterns like wave, sparkle static and a whole bunch of others. If you really want to show off or have any reason to want your keyboard to do all kinds of fancy light tricks, the RGB version is only a couple bucks more, which is a pretty great value.

The keyboard itself is incredibly well put together, and feels very solid while in use. It utilized the cherry MX keys, which can be bought in all the different MX colors for different weights and feel for the actual action of pressing the keys. I use the MX Brown keys, and it has a really great feel and sound to it. The weight of the key is solid, and has a very satisfying click to it when pressed. I actually have two of these keyboards, one at home and the other at the office, and my coworkers are not only jealous of the keyboard itself, but can hear me typing from anywhere in the office. It's not so much a loud keyboard, but it's not quiet by any means either. If you need to type in any kind of stealthy way, I would not recommend the MX brown key types at all. Typing for long periods of time never leaves my hands feeling tired at all, and the keys are well spaced to prevent you from needing to reach your fingers, or from accidentally pressing second keys as if the keys were too close together. The K70 comes with a wrist rest as well, which fits along the bottom of the keyboard. You don't have to use it, but it fits along the bottom of your hand so well to prevent fatigue that I seriously recommend it. It gives the K70 a really comfortable feel and refuse to go without using it whenever I'm typing on the K70 at all. It's a perfect compliment to the aggressive style and comfort of the board.

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Since I personally use the red backlit K70, it does not come with any cool color lighting patterns or anything like that. You cannot make the keyboard lights do anything besides adjusting the light intensity brightness. You can use the keyboard to control you music player with its audio controller built in. The volume control is one of my favorite parts about it actually. It comes with a long metal scroll wheel that has a really comfortable and satisfying etched grip carved into it. The keyboard also comes with the standard 10 key along the right side, so I have never felt like the keyboard itself is missing anything at all, even using the downgraded red backlight only style. Each keyboard style comes with an extra set of 10 keycaps you can use to pop off the 1-6 keys, and the standard gaming Q,W,S,A,D keys as well. If you use the provided keycaps, it gives your keyboard a gaming and aggressive type look to it, which is very cool looking. Once upon a time, a friend of mine actually spilled a whole glass of water on the keyboard too, and it didn't seem to mess it up at all. Its very well put together, thankfully, but don't try that out for yourself!

The Corsair software that comes along with most Corsair devices, allows you to set macro and hotkeys to any key on the keyboard. The software is very easy to use and actually has a ton of uses to it. I use it for my Corsair mouse as well, and is one of my favorite parts about using something from Corsair. All in all, this is my favorite keyboard I have found since we started using computers heavily and we have tried out a whole lot of keyboards since then. Like I said earlier in this post, I liked it so much I bought a second one! I could guarantee this keyboard for anyone looking for a sporty, comfortable and solid keyboard for any type of use. If you have any questions of pictures of yourself using the same kind, post it to your favorite social media and tag us in it @awesomewebsites4free. We'd love to see you out in the wild using the same one as us!

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