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Our Favorite Online Scheduling System

05 February,2018

Client flow, organization and scheduling can be a serious pain in the butt, especially when it comes to keeping your clients on track with appointments and the like. Luckily, after trying out a ton of terrible, mediocre and decent programs, we have found, from what we can tell, is hands down the best online scheduling software out there. There are a couple different versions of this software, but one of our favorite parts about this program is that it's base tier is totally free! If you need help keeping not only yourself on track, but your clients too, read further into our experience with Acuity Online Scheduling Software! (Click Here To Get It Yourself)

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First things first, is getting yourself organized. Acuity comes will a full blown calendar system that can be synced with outlook, google calendar and iCalendar with just a couple clicks. Thats huge for people like me, when you already had a system in place that people on your team depend on and constantly use. It works in a way that doesn't demand you ditch one for the other, and you can continue to use it along side to compliment the other. As an android user, I heavily depend on all things google. So syncing with google calendar was a legitimate requirement of mine. When someone goes to schedule with you either through one of your "schedule with me" type links, or through any other method, the system send you an automated email that once opened, gives you a button to click inside the message to automatically add it to your google (or outlook & iCal) calendar. It's so easy to add client scheduled events to your own calendar, it's genuinely a joy to get scheduled with! A client goes to our website to schedule a block time with me, its sends me an email to let me know that it did, I click the button in the email, and viola. It's entirely setup with reminders set up for hours and minutes before it's time to go and everything!

Now comes the next best part, the client scheduling page. This is where the software really shines, in its ability to allow your clients and potential customers to block off time with you. You have a couple different abilities when setting this part up. You can use the software's client scheduling page, which basically gives you a single webpage that clients are directed to that displays all your available times for your client to pick from, whichever works best for them. This ability alone will free up a TON of time for you, because it completely eliminates the need to have to explain when you are and aren't open to the person you're scheduling with! The client can be given as many options as you want them to be able to choose from as far as what kind of appointment they want to set, or for how long. Once they have set the time, it gives them another page to "thank" them, but you can customize it all you want too. We have ours setup with all of our messaging clients as download links, so the client can pick which voice or messaging client they would want to use to speak with us over, such as Discord, Skype or a plain old telephone call. It makes it so easy on the mind and eyes for your client to pick their time with you, you can just about guarantee they will never get confused or give incorrect information along the way to schedule with you. Once they have finished the process, the software automatically sends them reminders about their appointment, which you can customize as well. We have never had a client or potential customer go through our scheduler and get lost or confused along the way. We depend on it heavily, and even the free version has never let us down.

Another great way to have your customers interact with the program, is by embedding the software into your webpage, which you can see how it works by clicking HERE, and clicking the schedule button. You can see it pops a "lightbox" style popup, which is elegant in the way it looks, and doesn't require your client to leave the page they're on to get through the whole process. That's absolutely gold for a bunch of reasons, like keeping your page view time high, not confusing clients by leading them away and the way it keeps everything looking tight.

In our quest for the perfect scheduling software, we tested somewhere between 10-15 other softwares. Some of them were entirely self hosted, which you needed to build up using Ubuntu Server, some PHP and a little bit of MySql. Others were easy like Acuity but were either expensive or left much to be desired. This software, Acuity, has really hit all the marks for us as far as customizability, price point and elegancy. Since we started using it, we have upgraded our own package to the "Entrepreneur" package and have not once felt like it was a bad or unnecessary purchase. We could absolutely get away with the free package and still have all the greatest parts about the software we rely on, but we liked it so much we spent the extra couple bucks a month more as a thank you to the developers than it was out of necessity. That's how you can tell it's a great piece of software. We at AwesomeWebsites4Free highly recommend it to anyone who needs a scheduling service in anyway, shape or form. Period.

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Acuity online scheduling software

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