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The Best Bluetooth Headset For 2018

11 February,2018

If you're anything like one of us and are constantly either talking on your phone, listening to music or audiobooks, then chances are you use headphones a lot in your daily life. Headphones are nearly a necessity in 2018, especially for the mobile entrepreneur or business person. Most headphones are lacking in the department of controls or microphones, which is why today I'm going to talk about the best bluetooth headset I have ever used to help you take your phone game to the next level. Today we're talking about the LG Tone Platinum.

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The LG Tone Platinum is hands down absolutely the best wireless bluetooth headset I've ever used, and because I take phone calls and audiobooks very seriously, I've used a lot of different kinds. I'm constantly on the go either in the car, walking the dog, walking around job sites or working with my hands. If you do any of those things too, you'll quickly realize that holding your hand to your head to take phone call is a massive hassle for a whole lot of different reasons. The Lg Tone Platinum gives you all your mobility, your hand and that kink of out your neck back, and does it with excellent sound quality. When you're hands are busy working on whatever it is that you're doing, and someone calls, simply click the button ( or set up your phone for voice activation ) and you're in the call without skipping a beat. That's a game changer if you're a busy person!

The sound quality you'll get out of the Tone Pro Platinum are awesome. Harman/Kardon speakers are pretty great for the price point these are listed at. The retractable earbuds are my favorite part, because the keep everything tidy, out of the way and looking professional at all times. There is a cool little button on the side of the headset, that when you click sucks the earbud right back up into the little compartment. I wear a polo shirt everyday, so I like to tuck the LG Tone Platinum under my collar, so while i'm not using them they are out of the way and not able to be seen. As soon as I need them again, I just grab an earbud, pull it out and am taking a call or listening to my audiobook. Earlier models of the Tone Pro or other brand headsets never had the retractable earbuds, so they always looked silly with wires hanging out all over the place. These Tone Platinums don't have that issue, and look really good.

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I never leave the house without these around my neck, they're just too valuable to leave at home with everything I'm always doing on my phone. Because they are bluetooth, they easily link to any device that also uses bluetooth, like my laptop. They have the upgraded bluetooth double radio built in, so they can link to your phone, and a second device at the same time, automatically without any extra setup. That's insanely useful when on the go and I quickly bust out my laptop in a busy area. The Tone Platinum instantly connects to the laptop and I can take calls or listen to audio over my phone or laptop instantly. It's so convenient, I wish there was a better word to describe just how incredible convenience it was! ULTRA-CONVENIENT

Whether you need just a set of good headphones for the gym, or a professional tool for your businesses calls, the LG Tone Platinum is absolutely an ace up the sleeve to get it done. Like I said earlier, I use them for everything and always have them on. The lack of wires, the quick charge capability, the long term battery life and the speaker and microphone quality just leaves this device second to none when it comes to headsets or phone accessories. If you're looking for a bluetooth headset, I HIGHLY recommend the LG Tone Platinum!

LG Tone Platinum

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