does your website have seo?

Does Your Website Have Search Engine Optimization Going For It?

20 February,2018

SEO is an essential piece of the website and marketing pie. It’s also one of the easier things to do to increase effortless marketing. SEO on point = new customers and clients everywhere. Let me explain further.

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When your website is search engine optimized, your content is filled with key words and phrases specifically geared toward your niche, making it easier for new customers to find exactly what they’re looking for on YOUR website. Your goal is to A) be found by search engines and B) be considered relevant to what people are searching for.

How does it work? Search engines like Google are looking for the right words on your page to ensure your relevancy to your niche, as well as what people are searching for. How do they do this? “Crawlers” are used to index the pages of your website and store this information in massive databases to later be used for search results.

Okay, but why does SEO matter? SEO is insanely important, especially if you want potential customers to stumble upon your website on purpose. You want websites like Bing, Google, and Yahoo to pull up your website first for many obvious reasons. Plain and simply put, your business will thrive more with a great website than without - we know that for a fact. Having your content search engine optimized will only further enhance your new customer potential. And not to mention, everyone wants to be the top dog in their niche. Competition is insane for more markets online than ever before.

Another important key to remember with SEO is that search engines take relevancy into consideration as well as the key words you’re using. Being relevant did not used to matter as much as it does today because search engines were too simplistic. Thanks to some brilliant minds, our search engines take into more than 100 different factors when determining relevance. The more relevant you are, the higher you rank on search engines. The higher you rank on search engines, the more people will see your website when searching for your product or service.

Now that you’re an expert on how SEO works, here are some tips to ensure your website is relevant and optimized for search engines:

Create Titles and Descriptions For Each Page On Your Website

Titling your pages and having a short description for each will take your SEO to another level. The title and description of the page are among the first bits of information that search engines index, so this is key information to pay attention to. As an added bonus, when a web surfer sees the title of your page, they can better determine if your page will have what they’re looking for. Since you want your website to rank as high as possible, your website should be as optimized as it can be. I do want to caution that the more keywords the better is not necessarily true. We still want our website to be informative and serve its purpose without being overbearing.

Choose the Right Domain Name

Did you know that your domain name (your URL for your website)is the first thing search engines index to determine what your website is all about? This may be a bit of an obvious thing to consider, but a lot of companies overlook choosing a solid domain name when first starting up. When people are searching for a website for a company or business, they go with their first guess which is searching the company’s name in the hopes that their website will come up. It’s an obviously smart move to make your domain the name of your business so you are easily searchable on the Internet. You want to at the very least keep your domain clean and short.

SEO is an incredibly powerful tool that has gained more and more recognition as our search engines have been optimized themselves. Optimize your website for search engines by curating your content with keywords and key phrases that will boost your relevancy to your niche and to websites like Google. Ensuring that you have a crisp, relevant domain name, titling your pages, and adding page descriptions will take you even further. SEO is not a one time thing, but something you must update, nourish, and help grow. Your pockets will thank you for taking the time to do so.

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