Relentless The Book

Relentless - A blunt, brutally honest and incredible book on how to become great

17 February,2018

Tim Grover takes us through his journey with the greatest basketball athletes of all time, and grants us incredible insight on exactly what it took to make them not just great, but unstoppably, relentlessly amazing. I found this book on Amazon's best seller list for Audible, picked it up and was hooked in moments. I've gone through it start to finish at least 6 times now, and can tell you it's absolutely one of my favorite books. If you want to know how Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and even more importantly, yourself could go from good, to great, to unstoppable, I highly suggest you continue reading so I can give you every reason to pick up this book for yourself!

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A few of the greatest athletes of all time, repeat the saying about Mr Grover, “I don’t pay you to train me, I pay you to not train anyone else.” These athletes like Michael Jordan agree they have gotten such a massive leg up with Tim Grover's training, they insist he not be able to train anyone else. The majority of their training doesn’t go into their body like you might automatically assume, but it goes into their mind, and everything entailing the mentality and mindset of the game they're in and the life they all live. He goes on to explain how the mentality of what you’re reaching to accomplish is so much more important than the physical aspect of it, and after a few chapters of what he has to say, you can’t help but agree with him.

I consider Tim Grover second to none in his knowledge of sports training, and he was an invaluable part of my own training program -Michael Jordan

I've read the book nearly 7 times now, and everytime I come to hear or understand something a little more clearly that begins to give me the feeling of an edge on life I've been granted through Tim Grover's Relentless. Whether it’s in sports or business, the way he speaks about tapping into your “dark side,” and crushing the competition, really gives you an insight to the unfaltering drive you need to adopt to really get where you’re trying to go. He helps you understand that without adopting the right mindset, you’re more than likely to never get there at all.

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A huge part of the book talks about the “dark side.” The dark side is what he refers to as everyone’s vice. He goes to explain that all of the greatest athletes and high functioning people have some kind of thing they use to blow off steam in some way. Whether it be getting drunk at parties, sex or some other kind of dangerous, sketchy or otherwise weird thing they do as a way to go crazy temporarily. Tim Grover breaks down why the relentless type people have these dark sides, what they do with them and what purpose the dark side serves. Understanding the dark side can be one of the most useful things you can do on your journey to becoming great yourself. This portion of the book could of had a massive influence on someone like Tiger Woods during his own scandal. If you’re on your own rise to greatness, understanding the dark side portion of his book could mean the difference between becoming great, or letting a mistake break you or your career. These chapters are arguably the most important parts of the book, and if I had to recommend just a couple chapters instead of the entire book to read, it would be these.

If you compete at anything - sports, business or life - you need this book. No one knows more than Tim Grover about competitive intensity, killer instinct, and crushing the other guy. He is the best at what he does; creating champions. -Charles Barkley

The whole book is packed with incredible knowledge of how to rise to the top, and ultimately stay there when you arrive. If mediocre is something you can’t see yourself standing for and you need to achieve some kind of greatness in your life either in some kind of physical activity, or through your entrepreneurial ventures, I can’t recommend this book enough. It has everything from the rise to protecting yourself from the fall, but most of all, it will help you understand what you need to know to make the rise possible. It will bestow the knowledge you need to allow you to understand what it takes to make the rise more than just a dream, and making it into a reality. Do yourself a favor, and pick this book up either in physical format or on audible.

I bought this book on audible because it allowed me to make sure the mundane or less progressive parts of my life like walking the dog or doing laundry were never wasted. Every mindless activity was transformed into a groundbreaking personal development session, and I can't thank the inventor of audiobooks enough for what it’s done for my life as far as personal and business development go. My Audible stats say that last year I put over a month and two weeks worth of listening on my account. That means out of every 12 hours we existed, 1 of those hours was spent listening to audiobooks on audible. During that year I ran a business, went to college full time and worked 40 hours a week. If I can find that kind of time to do my own personal development and everything else, you can find the time to read this book and transform your own rise to greatness as well! You can do it, and I believe in you! Now get out there and conquer this world!

Relentless The Book

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