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Hands Down, The Best Ultrabook Of 2018

07 February,2018

Lets kick this blog off by using the word, "wow." It's the only word I know to use when talking about the Razer Blade Stealth ultrabook. If you're looking for a super portable, powerful, elegant and over the top awesome laptop for just about any purpose, then you're looking in the right place. Today we're going to be talking about Razer's ultrabook called the Blade Stealth, and it meets every milestone and benchmark we have. We use this ultrabook for all types of work, which includes website development, graphic design, heavy internet usage and a whole bunch of other stuff the everyday power user might do. Let’s dive in to all the aspects of the computer and get some depth on everything it has to offer.

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Let’s talk about the form factor for starters. Like the black knight older brother of the MacBook Air, it's all black and slim design makes for a very handsome looking laptop. Sharp (but not to the touch) edges from corner to corner give it a professional look. I bought the 13-inch version, and the screen bezel is a good half inch from the outside edge of the computer's top shell. The original Blade Stealth version had a massive bezel, leaving it looking terribly under finished. This version thankfully does not share that issue. The keyboard features the trademark Razer Chroma RGB backlit keys. The actual characters on the keys are what light up, not the underneath of the keys themselves. The keys that have extra characters, like the "F" row, do not light up with the rest of the key characters, which is a bummer. The lack of light actually makes it difficult to see in the dark, whereas the rest of the keys are easily visible because they are lit up. Changing the volume, screen brightness or keyboard brightness in the dark requires you remember where exactly those keys are in the dark. Not a huge issue, but seems like an oversight for sure. Otherwise, the RGB keys are beautiful to behold, and come with a software suite of different lighting profiles, hotkeys and macro programming. I absolutely love the keyboard and give it a 9/10, points docked for missing the whole "F" row special characters.

The computer’s hardware itself is also really great. My version came with the 7th generation i7 processor, which crushes anything you put in front of it. It so seamlessly gets through whatever you need it to, it feels insanely underutilized, which is in my opinion a good thing. You never want to find yourself finding the maximum output of your processor when trying to get something done. Thankfully, you never need to use the CPU at full power, but having the extra horsepower is awesome in such a tiny laptop. I got the Quad HD screen, which is just a little less detailed than the 4k screen. I opted for the QHD because you get a few extra hours of battery power out of your Blade Stealth with this option vs the 4k screen. Battery power was super important to me, and now I get 8+ hours of use time on a single charge, and can be fully charged in just an hour or so. The UHD screen looks incredible anyway, so I don’t ever feel like I’m missing out on anything anyway. I’m extremely happy with the screen, everything I display on it, even just HTML code while writing sites comes out looking beautiful. Heavily detailed pictures and videos always look breathtaking, it's always shocking to remember a screen this beautiful is happening on such a small laptop computer. Razer did a really great thing with picking this screen, as I always find myself surprised with how good it looks. 10/10 on the screen choice and 10/10 for the CPU Razer, great call for both options.

Something you cannot do much of in its stock form, is high graphics gaming. It does not come with a video card in it, so just about anything in today’s modern gaming sphere is unplayable, even on lowered graphics. I tried a few games like Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft and a couple others; it would not play in any way that was enjoyably playable. However, Razer did come out with the Razer Core, which allows you to connect a full-blown GPU of just about any kind to your Blade Stealth via the Thunderbolt Cable. The Razer core comes with extra USB ports, the GPU case and it also charges your computer too, something most docking stations won’t do. So one cable can transform your Blade Stealth into an absolute monster of a machine ready for gaming whatever you want to play. I myself do not really game, but if I did I would have gotten one in a heartbeat. If gaming and traveling is your thing, I could recommend that setup for you all day. Thunderbolt is really making anything possible these days. It is pretty amazing.

razer blade stealth with core v2

Overall, the Razer Blade Stealth is an incredible ultrabook and I could easily recommend it to anyone looking for a super portable and powerful machine. I use it as my daily driver and haven't been let down a single time by what it's capable of. 9.5/10 on this laptop, and I expect to have and use it every day for the next few years for sure. If you're looking into getting one for yourself, check out the link below to find one for yourself on Amazon.Com. Using prime you can get it delivered to your house in a day or two and be among us Razer folks in no time! Let me know how you like yours and if you have questions, leave them in the comments below! I'm happy to answer any questions you have about this great laptop. Also, if you have some cool pictures of your computer out in the wild, preferably with the keyboard lit up in a cool way, share them with us on Instagram! We would love to see all the fun ways all of you are using your Blades!

razer blade stealth backside

Click here to get the Razer Blade Stealth i7 On Amazon

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