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Choosing The Best Team For Your Venture Or Business

16 June 2018

It happens to everyone. Even sometimes it happens the moment your business makes its first sale. We're talking about hiring or choosing to work with more people inside of this thing you have created yourself. I myself have learned this lesson a hundred times because of my deep belief in the old zen saying, "we can go faster by ourselves, but further with a team." I can't tell you how many times I've repeated that saying too. Perhaps I believe it because I keep saying it so many times, like some kind of positive affirmation type thing. Well, the truth is that by believing in that I have gotten myself into a great deal of bad situations, let downs, heart breaks and a whole host of other negative feelings. So today I'm going to share the good, bad and ugly things you can learn from my experiences with working with others, so you can skip the sillyness and get your business running better, faster and with less bumpyness in your own road.

My biggest thing was always that I wanted my friends to work with me, so that if the business took off we could all be rich together and have fun. You see however, the thing about hiring your friends is that you should in most cases never do it. Here's just a couple reasons why: When the time comes to exercise your rule as their boss, your social dynamic as friends instantly changes forever. Unless you want that kind of change on your friendship, I wouldn't even consider hiring a friend unless all the parties involved have a very, and I mean VERY developed personal maturity. It takes a very special kind of person or people to be able to have the boss/employee or business partner relationship, while also able to be real friends. It is possible, but is so difficult to maintain all the proper dynamics of leadership, decision making and everything else, that you'll be diverting energy away from the business itself. As soon as a relationship with one of the people you're working with becomes anything less than synergistic and mutually beneficial for you and the business, you begin to kill the business from the inside out. In worst case scenarios, you could have a whole staff worth of that kind of dynamic, and can very quickly become a very toxic place to work. If you're going to adopt the mindset that your business is the most important thing, its better to hire or decide to work with people based on their abilities to get the business working or making more money, and not because they're your friend.

Become as self reliant as possible. Something I went through a lot, was trying to find people to work with in order to cover the holes in my own abilities or knowledge. Some self development or business savvy books tout the mindset of, "surround yourself with professionals and be the dumbest person at your business table, and you'll succeed." That is actually really great advise in the sense that you want to only work with people that really do belong there based on their abilities, but it can also make people think that you can just hire a bunch of people that know their stuff so you, the business owner, can just sit back and or know nothing at all. The fundamental idea of that mindset is good, the byproduct of letting yourself slack is not. Take the time and exercise the patience it takes to also be someone that is a huge player in your own venture. You can't let yourself become entirely dependent on everyone else, because if something happens to any of them you're left in a position to let everything fall apart. Do the work, be the prize. If you can get your business running properly and perfectly on your own abilities without needing anyone else's help, you'll never be able to find yourself in a position of depending on anyone else but yourself. That position is not only empowering as the owner of your business, but is in my eyes essential to be worthy to wear the mark of a real, bonafied accomplisher or owner of your own business. No one did it for you, but you. You own every part of this thing.

Following a very strict set of rules on hiring or deciding to work with people for the right reasons will build you a fundamentally strong company. Working with the right people will allow your business to reach new heights not possible without them. The important parts are patience and real understanding of how your own business works. You can't build a house if you don't know how a house works, and building your business without knowing how it works is equally as stupid. Take the time to learn everything there is to know. Make the effort to meet the right people at the right places. Take yourself to the top of the success summit by becoming exactly what your business would require you to become, and then work with people identical to who you then became. You'll find yourself crushing the business you're in so hard it will make you laugh, all the way to the bank.

You can do this, if you really decide to do it.

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